Palash-The State Flower of Jharkhand in India

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Palash or Butea monosperma is an important tree of taxonomic family Fabaceae which is native to tropical and sub-tropical India. It is also found in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Srilanka etc.

Palash has various uses. It is used in medicine. It is also used for timber, dye, resin etc. Its leaves are used for making plates.

A Palash Tree

Its flowers are used in making dye. When in full bloom the Palash trees shed their leaves and the whole tree with flowers appear like fire in the forest. That is why Palash is also called as flame of the forest.

Flowers of Palash

Palash has found place in the literature of Ranvindra Nath Tagore, Jaydeo, Rudyard Kipling etc. poets.

Dried Flowers of Plash on the Forest Floor

Flower of Palash is State Flower of Jharkhand. Palash, Butea monosperma, State Flower of Jharkhand

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