Changing Trends in Government Schools

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The vidio shows students of a Government School enjoying at the end of the Annual Function of the school when all the guests had gone out and teachers were moving here and there …

Days have gone when students felt it very hard for them to have a friendly talk with their teachers. There were miles of hesitations between a students and teachers.

In the classroom set up many students were so shy and hesitant that they even did not lift up their hands to answer a question even when they knew it properly.

With the changing social environment and boom of information technology and with the increasing influence of social media that students have become bold enough to stand and speak anything before their teachers. Standing and speaking before a teacher is always good but here the meaning is rather different.

Standing before a teacher to have a friendly talk, to have a cheap amusement, to speak and sing anything, to dance in whatever style, to present a sexy pose openly before their teachers, to talk with their boy friend or the girl friend … all these are new trends that can be seen in even Government Schools these days.

“He is my boy friend”, or “she is my girl friend” – can be spoken very freely before a teacher and yes, before parents as well, now a days. These are new trends that I wish to talk about. Dancing even on the music of a vulgar dance is not new in schools now. May it be the time of a farewell party, or annual function of the school, students manage time to dance and enjoy especially with their girl friends in a co-educational Higher Secondary or even in a secondary school.

Decades ago, annual functions were designed by senior teachers. Lists of programmes were made after repeated scrutiny by a board of teachers much in advance. The anchoring were done by some smart teachers by calling names of the participants one by one.

In cases of group dances or group songs, the entire group had to remain behind the curtain. Dresses for them were wisely selected by teachers. Special care were taken that nothing should tally with styles of films or with something else that were thought to be of sub-standard.

Singing a film song in a school was thought as something immoral. But the old trends have changed by now. I am not against the changing trend. I just wish to talk about what is changing fast. Not to talk about films these days where absurd can be seen at many places in language and scenes.

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