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April 2 every year is celebrated as the World Autism Day. The aim of the celebration of this day is to create Awareness among parents about this problem with their children.

Autism is such a disease the symptoms of which start appearing in early childhood. But parents remain unable to identify the symptoms of autism in their children. As such, children affected with autism have to face serious problems in later stages of their lives.

People often call autistic children as “children of very low intelligence level” while this is a mental disorder. Autism Spectrum is such a neurological disorder in which different parts of the brain do not work together. Due to this, children affected with this disorder feel difficulty in understanding even smaller things.

There is no anyone reason of this mental disorder. If a mother has thyroid problem during her pregnancy, it affects the child in her womb. Badly changing environment and wrong life style of parents also affect children with such type of mental disorder.

Though, this type of mental disorder cannot be corrected permanently, it can be controlled by a little care, love and sympathy for the child. Speech therapy and motor skill development are the techniques that have been reported to help a lot in such cases. The parents of the children affected by this mental disorder should treat their children with love and affection and should not get angry on their mistakes.

According to reports parents should take advice from a child specialist doctor or from a psychiatrist when a child does not smile or does not show any response after nine months of his birth. Besides this, parents should visit a doctor or a psychiatrist even on minor symptoms of this mental disorder. There are many types of training programmes that such type of mental disorder can be controlled up to greater extent.

Male children are mainly at risk

  • In this type of mental disorder boys are mainly at risk as compared to girls.
  • If mother suffers from thyroid problem during her pregnancy, there are more chances of autism mental disorder to the child.
  • Pre-mature children born before 26 weeks are mainly at risk to such mental disorder.

Some basic reasons

  • Late marriage
  • Late birth of children
  • If both the parents are working
  • Tension and quarrels between wife and husband on minor to major issues.


  • Symptoms vary from child to child. Primary symptoms appear in the child from one to three years of age.
  • No response from the child on seeing others
  • No reaction from the child on hearing voices of others.
  • Problem with the child in expressing feelings.
  • Continuous shaking.
  • Persistent calmness or sadness.
  • Doing anything continuously.

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