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Tourists coming to Bihar will have to stay at nights in villages located near tourist spots.

The villages located nearby tourist spots are to be developed like guest houses under the Pilot Project of the Bihar Tourism Development Corporation.

The Bihar Tourism Development Corporation has decided to start a Pilot Project of Tourism in the villages near Rajgir and Bodh Gaya. It has selected some agency for the implementation of this job. This ambitious project is named as Home Stay.

The Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation, Patna aims to present a close vision of villages of Bihar before the Indian and Foreign Tourists.

When tourists stay in villages at tourist spots, they can observe village life of Bihar more closely than ever. Besides this, villagers can get employment in their own homes through this project.

Training to villagers

The rural people who fall under the project will have to pass through training programmes organized by the Corporation and the concerned agency.

They will have to receive orientation about how to treat the visitors during their Home Stay.

The co-operation of villagers will have to be taken in making arrangements for food and transport including all the related facilities to tourists.

In the initial phase the staff of the Corporation is to stay and move with tourists to get experience of sufficiency of facilities being offered to tourists.

Selection of Villages

The Corporation is in a mood to start the Pilot Project entitled “Home Stay” from December 2020 only. The Format of the Pilot Project has been prepared by the concerned authorities and a Green Signal from the side of the State Government is awaited.

The agency entrusted for the work is to do a serious survey of villages nearby the tourist spots. Such villages are to be selected that are located near the tourist spots and that have the scopes of development according to the parameters set for the development criteria.

A Monument near a village

Safety of tourists will have to be taken care of seriously. Applications from the villagers are to be invited to take part in the Home Stay Project. Their houses are to be inspected after they are renovated as per the given parameters.

The places selected for stay of tourists are to be equipped with all the necessary facilities like attached lavatories and good water supply as per the desired criteria. A round the clock supply of electricity is also to be ensured in such houses.

New Stay at the weekend

The agency entrusted to work for the pilot project will have to advertise about the Pilot Project. In the initial phase, it will have to invite some tourists to Bihar and to stay in the tourist villages.

The aim of the project is to link big cities to Patna. The people of Patna will also get the facilities of moving to Rajgir and Bodh Gaya at the weekend and to observe the life style of villagers rather more closely.

The Pilot Project, as it sounds, in spite of its goodness with high ambitions is not too easy to establish on the earth. Let us see up to what extent the dream of the Bihar State Tourism Corporation is going to come true.

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