Rains in Nepal caused floods in Bihar

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Massive deforestation has caused heavy siltation of rivers. Due to this condition even little rains become powerful enough to cause flood. Floods of 2020 are causing great dangers due to this, and also due to continuous rains in Nepal.

Continuous rains Nepal are causing high floods in Bihar

Many rivers in Bihar are flooding seriously. Continuous rains for last three to four days have further aggravated the problem. Some rivers are flowing beyond the danger zones.

Flood water has entered into villages in Champaran, Sitamarhi, Mujaffar Pur and Madhubani districts of Bihar.

Flooding of roads has disrupted movement of traffic. There are mounting pressures on embankments. Bagmati and Kosi rivers in Khagaria districts are flowing 72cm up the danger mark. Ganga and Burhi Gandak are still flowing below the danger level. However, the water of Ganga is spreading in the Diyara area.

Heavy rains in Nepal have caused heavy floods in Kosi, Bagmati, and Burhi Gandak rivers. A young man in Sitamarhi has drowned to death yesterday. Water levels in Shivhar, Samastipur, and Darbhanga are increasing continuously.

In the West Champaran river Gandak has reached to a danger zone mark. Two dozen villages in Bagha division have been flooded seriously. All the gates of Gandak Baraj have been lifted up. A high alert has been declared. Most of the hilly rivers of the region are on floods.

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