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A Hybrid Green House Vegetable Dryer to be Patented Soon

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A Hybrid Green House dryer has been developed by Manoj Gaur, a professor at the department of Mechanical Engineering, Madhav Institute of Technology and Sciences Gwalior. This dryer runs on solar energy. Fresh cut vegetables, fruits and herbs can be dried in it without changing colour and figure.

This dryer measure 2.1sq.m.It can also be placed on roof. About 5 to 7 kg of fruits or vegetables can be dried in it at one step. This dryer is to be made available in markets very soon. It costs 60 to 70 thousand.

Hybrid Green House Dryer has been applied for patent to intellectual property of India. The Government of India and a final stage clearance has already been done. It is just waiting for certification.


There are two systems of heat generation in the small closed tent like structure. Since, it is covered with polycarbonated sheets, it causes Green House Effect. Secondly, water filled in the copper tube is heated by solar energy and rotated in a web like stand. Vegetables are placed on the stands of hot water. The double effect causes the temperature to rise up to 75 Celsius degrees. On this temperature the water contained inside vegetables starts vaporizing. This vapour is pushed out by a small DC fan. By doing so the internal temperature remains high this dries the vegetables very soon. On the other hand vegetables do not become black as sun rays do not fall on them directly. Colour, taste, and nutrients all remain as such.

The Green House Dryer

A Boon to Farmers

Professor Gaur is of the opinion, farmers that are growing tomatoes, cauliflowers, brinjals or other crop and are not getting suitable prices, find this dryer very useful. They can use dryer for drying their vegetables and packaging them to sell when they can get suitable prices in the markets. Vegetables dried by the dryer can take their original shape and colour when dipped into water.

Prof. Manoj Gaur reported that he was working on Hybrid Green House Dryer. Its merit is to pass water through copper pipe. Dryers available in markets are run on electricity which costs time and money. The quality of vegetables and fruits also is not affected.

If fruits and vegetables are dried in open their colour is changed. This takes too much time. In factories electronic dryers are used mostly. Some farmers are using dryers to dry mushrooms due to which their colour is not changed. But everyone cannot use it due to its cost. Use of water heater with solar energy is a good technique. It will save time and taste both.

Hybrid Green House Dryer, Manoj Gaur, Gwalior

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