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Gobar Gas Plant in Barsana generates 300 units per day

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Fourteen tube-wells are run by the electricity generated through cow dung in Barsana, Agra (U.P., India) at Shree Mataji Cow Shed. The Cow Shed has gone into an agreement with the Adani Group to establish a Compressed Bio- Gas Plant. A chemical engineer and his wife are living there for this work since 2015.

The cow shed has more than 50 thousand cows that produces about 150 tonnes of cow dung. The engineer couple of Chandigarh, Punjab has established a biogas plant there. From this plant about 300 unit electricity is generated per day. It is through this electricity that fourteen tube wells are run in the Goshalas.

Gobar Gas Plant
The Gobar gas plant generates 300 units of electricity per day

An inhabitant of Chandigarh, Mr. Chandra Mohan is a chemical engineer. His wife Mrs. Vibha is a Scientist. Chandra Mohan had a business of Pharmaceuticals. He came in connection with Saint Ramesh Baba since 20 years. In 2007 Ramesh Baba started a Goshala named Shreemataji Goshala. In 2015 Chandra Mohan started living with him along with his wife. He planned to produce biogas from the gobar that was otherwise wasted. After the acceptance of Goshala Management Committee, the plan was started.

According to reports, less Gobar was produced in the beginning due to less number of cattle. Thus only biogas was generated through that Gobar. Later, when the number of cattle increased up to a considerable extent a Big Biogas Plant was installed.

For these, two generators used in ships were purchased for about 14 lakhs. These two generators started generating electricity since 2018. The Goshala has flour mill also which is run by the electricity produced.

According to Chandra Mohan, about one tonne biogas is produced from 30 tones of cow dung. This process releases about 12 tonne of slurry which is used as manure in crop fields.

Some key facts

  • This Goshala has 50,000 cows.
  • The Goshala produces 150 tonnes of Gobar daily.
  • About 300 units of electricity is generated per day.
  • Fourteen tube wells are run in the Goshala with the electricity generated in the Goshala.
  • About 40 lakh has been the cost of Electric Generation plants.
  • The administration had received Rs 26 lakh as donation.

The secretary of the Goshala informed that Adani Total Gas Limited has agreed to install a compressed Biogas Plant there. About 23 tonnes of compressed biogas is expected to be generated from 150 tones of Gobar. The plant is about to be installed in November 2021.

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