Sparrow species under the threat of extnction

The Danger of Extinction of Ten Lac Species during this Century

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The biodiversity is diminishing fast in India and the World.

We can remember many organisms that have been seen around us but are not being seen these days.

Sparrows are some of these organisms. These birds used to fly in and around our houses about some decades ago. But these birds are very rarely seen in our surroundings.

More or less the condition goes with crows also. Crows too are very rarely seen these days. In fact, this is happening not only in India, it is happening in the whole world. According a report there are 90 lakhs species of living beings out of this about 10 lakhs are in danger of extinction.

In the 15th Biodiversity Summit organized by the United Nations, nations of the world have expressed grief on this issue. A Biodiversity Declaration Paper was also signed on the occasion.

In it the Kunming Declaration starts as –It is a big challenge of the current decade to bring biodiversity on the path of improvement, but the question emerges that – will the earth be able to sustain humans if the organisms remain being extinct like this?

What is being done to protect living beings?

The aim of this online summit was to establish acceptance among the world nations about new goals related to nature. After this online organisation a meeting has been organised to take place in Geneva in January 2022 and these discussions will come to an end formally in Kunming in April 2022. In it the world will create an acceptance on the World Biodiversity Format with the aims of forthcoming decades.

Most of the nations of the world (196 countries excluding USA) have financially supported the Biodiversity Summit. These are the agreements to protect lives and Biodiversity on the earth.

Scientists are of the opinion that the Biodiversity is vanishing fast. In this regard it was stated in a report in 2019 that out of 90 lakhs species on the earth about 10 lakhs species may vanish away within this decade.

The Biodiversity Crisis is linked to the Climate crisis and Pollution

Often World Crises are discussed differently. The world is facing Biodiversity Crisis, Climate Crisis, and Water Pollution Crisis. But, in fact all these issues are linked together. If we observe these separately the impacts on species and humanity get neglected.

The world missed to control the rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010 and then it fixed 20 aims for up to 2020. Though some progress has been achieved in this direction but most of the aims out of 20 have not been achieved.

This is because countries have failed to get through the vectors of loss of biodiversity. These system challenges demand economic systems, determining systems, and changes in life styles of some people.

Financial Aids

She Zinging the President of China has declared a fund of 1.5 Arab Yuan (23 crores 33 lakh dollars) as Kunming Biodiversity Fund for Projects related to Biodiversity Depletion in Developing Countries. Japan has raised its Biodiversity Fund up to 1.8 Arab Yen (one crore 70 lakhs dollar). Besides this many ideas were also developed. For example the European Commission has planned to double its financial assistance for biodiversity.

The Future

It has been decided that main focus of discussion in COP 26 Climate Discussion that is to be organised in Glasgow will be the protection and preservation of Biodiversity.

It is important that the Climate Change and Depletion of Biodiversity are accepted to be mutually linked problems. So, steps towards climate change will harm the biodiversity.

Growing organics or reducing carbon emission and managing forests with this view may be the process of change to habitats of biodiversity. On contrary, protecting coastal habitats to reduce floods and the like measures may help overcome the loss of biodiversity.

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