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HEC to make Wind Turbines

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The Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), Ranchi, Jharkhand has decided to make turbine for generating electricity from the Wind Energy. For this HEC has decided to take technology from the Sky Wind, a company of Germany.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has already been signed between HEC and he Sky Wind for the Transfer of Technology .According to the officials of HEC a delegation of the German Company has already visited the HEC plants. It is reported that the Technology for Turbine that is to be imported from Germany is of very High Level.

While passing through financial crisis HEC is reducing its expenditure by taking up new changes. By reducing expenses on energy sector HEC has started working on a plan to save a big amount. The company has signed a MOU with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) for saving energy. For this a plant of 6 megawatt capacity of electric generation is to be installed in the company area.

According to the HEC it will run its plants with solar energy to stop the consumption of coal. It will reduce expenditure currently by installing solar plants in the town area. The company is planning to control the consumption of electricity by 44 percent. The company is working on this project.

Now, the HEC will make wind turbines as many as work order for wind turbines is received by the Sky Wind from India. Both the companies will fill tenders to get work orders for wind mills. Both the companies will share the global tenders also. The technology of wind turbines made by HEC will be very high.

The coal India will cooperate to enhance the bonus of the company by increasing energy efficiency along with reducing carbon footprint and increasing conduction expertise. EESL will help Coal India in auditing along with reducing the loss in energy consumption by financial ESCO/RESCO model.

The cost of project under ESCO/RESCO model will be taken up by EESL and payment to EESL will be made by monetizing energy saving. EESL will help in reducing the annual expenditure on energy by 10 to 15 percent of the annual energy consumption of Coal India which is 4600 mw.

The Coal India and EESL will jointly search for commercial chances in the field of energy efficiency, Electric transport, installation of charging stations, generation of solar energy, generation of green energy, smart energy solutions etc. fields. The Coal India Limited has signed the contract with Energy Efficiency Services Limited. Accordingly, it will co- operate the Coal India Limited in the direction of decarbonization and energy efficiency.

The technology of HEC for making wind turbines will be of very high quality. Only a few countries in the world use this technology. By this turbine a wind mill can generate 9.5 mw of electricity. Recently, India is generating about 27000mw of electricity. The central Government has decided to raise it up to 60gigabite by 2020.

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