Tiger Population falls down to zero in Jharkhand

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Tiger Population falls down to zero in Jharkhand

We have damaged ecosystems in the name of development. Wildlife too is facing danger. Our activities have impacted in such ways that animal population has fallen into a serious zone of danger.

Forests are lifeline of our world. Without them we cannot imagine of life on this planet. On the other side forests are being cleared on large scales.

Due to exploitation of resources many species of plants and animals have been pushed towards the line of extinction. Most of the big forests are vanishing. Hunting of wild animals has increased. The pollution of land, air and water has increased up to an alarming level. These have caused negative changes in the environment. Everyone observes the serious impacts like global warming.

In the context of Jharkhand data reveal that tigers have gone out of forests and elephants have emerged on roads due to destruction of habitat. Elephants are roaming on roads encroaching rural areas. They are damaging crops and rural houses. A number of persons are dying in the man elephant conflicts. These incidents are happening due to vanishing of forests and increasing imbalances in the ecosystems that elephants are reaching out to damage houses and killing people. Now each one of us should start thinking seriously about the problems with our environment.

Forest vanished due to human encroachment

There are serious imbalances n the forests of Jharkhand. Dense forests have been reduced up to considerable extent. The state has about 23605 sq km of forest land out of which only 2587 sq km are dense forests. This is the reason why wild animals are in serious danger.

The number of tiger in the forests of Jharkhand has fallen down to a sad zero. Populations of Sahil and vulture have also fallen down to this point. Elephants have come on roads due to cutting and clearing of forests. The man and elephant conflict has risen up. Men, women and children are dying every year due to conflicts with elephants.

Recently, the Department of Forests has started developing parks and sanctuaries as centres for ecotourism. Officers claim that the results will be on surface very soon. Netarhat and Dalma are being developed as tourist spots in the first place. This way the people living in forests are to get employment on a good scale. No tiger has been left in the forests of Jharkhand and the population of elephants has fallen up to 555only.

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