First December, the World Aids Day: The Danger Still Waits


The World Aids Day is celebrated the world over on the first December every year to make the public aware about the infection of HIV (Human Immuno Virus).The celebration of this day on the world scale was first started by the World Health Organisation in 1987.

Theme of the World Aids Day 2021

The theme of the World Aids Day 2021 is to remove inequality and end AIDS. After 2008, the theme for every year is chosen by the Global Steering Committee of the World AIDS Campaign.

AIDS can attack a person of any age

First of all the aids viewed in reference to children and adults only. Now it is well known that AIDS can affect a person of any age. In the year 1996 the United Nations took charge of spreading its awareness and started the World AIDS Campaign in 1997. Since then it is working on educating the public the world over and checking its spread by all possible means.

Aims of the World AIDS Day

The fundamental aim behind celebrating the World AIDS day is to spread awareness against the spread of AIDS through the HIV. It is one of the biggest problems of the world still today. According to UNICEF more than 37 million people the world over are still suffering from AIDS. According to the data released by the Government of India about 3 million people are suffering from AIDS in India.

celebrating AIDS day

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV as the name indicates is a deadly virus which causes AIDS. This disease is called as Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. The HIV infects through different medium and damages the immune system of the patient. As a result the patient becomes unable to resist any disease.


Today, HIV has become one of the most talked about issue in the world. As per the latest data available with the World Health Organisaion about 3.77 crore people were suffering from AIDS in 2020. Out of these patients about 16 percent sufferers do not know that they have any type of infection whether AIDS.


In 2020 about 73 per cent people had access to anti-retroviral therapy. The World Health Organisation has so far started a number of campaigns like the World Health Day, the World Blood Donation Day, the World Vaccination Day, the World Tuberculosis Day, the World No Tobacco Day, etc. etc.

Initial Symptoms of AIDS

When a person has initial symptoms of AIDS, these symptoms resemble the symptoms of common cold or so. Thus, initial symptoms may be as below –

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Swollen Glands
  • Rashes
  • Throat problems
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Excess Sweating
  • Loose Motions
Protection against AIDS

Gradually the body defense systems become weaker and most of the symptoms are aggravated. These symptoms increase gradually and none of them go away by any means. A patient feels that he is getting sick most often and the rate of recovery is almost negligible

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