Calcium- a specific element for health


Though all the nutrients are specific to health, let us see how calcium is important in particular. It is essential for strong immunity, and good for general health.It’s scarcity causes weak bones and many other problems.

Bones form the framework of our body and calcium plays important role in the synthesis of bones. Most of the diseases related to bones are caused due to deficiency of calcium in food.

Deficiency of calcium is not caused in one day. It is caused in a long time when we go on eating calcium scarce food. People are of the opinion that taking milk or curd is sufficient for making up the calcium level in the body. But it is not correct. Though these foods supply calcium to the body but not in the amount as needed.

The deficiency of calcium is seen in the form of pain in bones, congestion, tiredness, stretch of muscles etc. Bending of back, sudden pain in muscles, baldness, infection of teeth, breaking of nails etc. problems are caused due to deficiency of calcium. If some problems related to bones occur before 30 years of age, it is probable that the body is calcium deficient.

In lactating mothers basic cause of tiredness,and joint pain indicates deficiency of calcium. The osteoporosis, a calcium deficiency disease often occurs in males and females due to scarcity of calcium in their food. Bones fail to establish proper bonding together and there is a risk of fracture or breaking of bones.

The deficiency of calcium in food for a long time often causes long term bone diseases. If body is calcium deficient with the deficiency of vitamin D3, a person frequently falls ill.

It has been proved through many researches that deficiency of calcium in a body often causes many diseases like blood pressure, cancers of various types, falling of hair, imbalance of cholesterol level in blood etc.

Sources of calcium in food are- milk,curd,paneer,dairy products; Green leafy vegetables; banana, orange juice and fruits of lemon species; soybean, groundnut, sunflower oil, pea etc.

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