The Garbage Clinic- An Innovation- The story of in campus waste treatment, by Egg. Students of CCSU, Meerut, India

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In Campus waste treatment in Chowdhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, India has become the topic of discussion now a day. The university campus is spread in 222 acres but a single bit of waste cannot be seen anywhere in the whole area. This is due to the treatment of solid and liquid waste and the production of organic manure in the university campus itself. Instead of giving any other name to the process, the engineering students of the university have named it Garbage Clinic.

Garbage clinic..? Yes, the clinic for the garbage generated in the university. The innovation of the new type of clinic has been done by University Students of Engineering Department under Vikas Tyagi who started the clinic a year ago.

The university campus is inhabited by large number of students, teachers and staff. Naturally, a huge volume of waste is generated every day. According to an estimate about 4000 kg of waste constituting leaves of trees and domestic waste is generated per day in the campus. The municipal corporation did not collect the garbage from the university campus. This condition had led to spread of garbage everywhere in the area.

The Department of Engineering started a campaign to solve the problem of waste and named it the Garbage Clinic. In fact it is just a composting complex measuring 100×50 M was started at a cost of 57 lakh rupees. It has composting pits for the treatment of liquid or wet waste and many racks for the treatment of solid waste. Both blue and green coloured bins are placed in the whole university. About 90 percent of people have been reported to put their garbage in segregated manner.

The Garbage Clinic has ten processing machines. These machines mix some chemical with the garbage and the same is then converted into manure from 10 to 15 days. Which chemical is used to treat the garbage is probably still unknown to the reported. It depends on the nature of chemical used to decompose the waste that the manure so produced will not interfere with the food-chains operating in the concerned environment. However, as per the clinic authorities they have prepared 20 sacks of manure so far.

As the garbage reaches to the clinic it is washed with water. The water so used is treated with two treatment plants. Racks have been placed there for the treatment of solid waste. On these racks non-decomposable matter like glass bottles, plastics etc. and other non-compostable materials are placed. Agreements have been signed with two companies for the recycling of these wastes. The authorities claim that this is a unique clinic which has nowhere else been implemented in the Northern Indian Universities. This garbage clinic is conducted under Rashtriya Uchch Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) or campaign on the Ambikapur Model of Chhattisgarh. Thus waste is converted into a source of income through Garbage Clinic. This story is based on the report of Dilip Patel of Dainik Jagaran, the Hindi News Paper.

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