Some Benefits of Eating Cauliflowers


Cauliflower is a beautiful compact snow ball like vegetable if it is white. It remains surrounded by soft and long foliage.

Taxonomically, it belongs to family Brassicaceae of the genus Brassica. It belongs to the species B.oleracea which includes broccoli, Brussels sprout, cabbage, collard greens, and kale. Together these are called as Cole crop.

It likes moist sandy powdered soil containing plenty of minerals and organic matter. It grows well in day temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. In India it is a winter vegetable. However, it is cultivated in other seasons as well in different parts of the country.

Cauliflowers are different in colour like white, orange, green, and purple. However, the white colour is very common and most liked by the people.

When cauliflower gets mature the flower buds open and the compressed meristem starts growing into different branches to show inflorescences and flowers like mustard plant.

The seeds and pods too resemble to the mustard seeds and pods.

Seeds are sown in the nursery to produce seedlings that are transplanted into the main field to produce the crop when the seedlings grow up to a height of 6 inches.

Cauliflower is a very delicious vegetable. It is cooked by removing leaves and leaflets. Some people cook leaves also while others discard it.

Some reports reveal that the nutrient value of leaves is rather more than the white portion. The flower buds are separated roasted, boiled, steamed, or grilled. Some people make pickles while some people dry it in the sun to use in the later period.

A comparative study on nutrients found in leaves and flowers reveals that leaves of cauliflower contain twice the amount of proteins than the same in cauliflower.

Leaves provide more than three times the fat, and double the amount of carbohydrate than cauliflower. Leaves are very rich in dietary fibre.

Leaves of cauliflower are three times richer than the cauliflower. Leaves are reported to contain much more calcium, phosphorus, Potassium etc that cauliflower itself. So, we must eat leaves of cauliflowers instead of discarding them.

Some ethnoherbologists recommend taking in of cauliflower leaf-powder to cure many problems of health like diabetes, vitamin A deficiency, and anemia and bone problems.

Researchers have reported that cauliflower contains Sulphoraphane that can kill most of the bacteria that are even resistant to other antibiotics. Hence, eating cauliflowers can treat stomach ulcers.

Cauliflowers are also reported to cure prostate problems.

It has sufficient amount of vitamin c which combats free radicals that damage to arteries by building up of cholesterol. Thus eating cauliflowers is good for cardiac health. In this way, eating cauliflower can reduce the high blood pressure also.

Cauliflower has also been reported to improve bone health as it contains vitamin K.

According to some researchers cauliflower contains Indole-3-carbinol and Sulphoraphane that help in reducing risk of cancer.

Cauliflowers have anti-inflammatory properties. Their extract help protect cells from DNA damage and carcinogens.

Cauliflowers also detox our liver and help us remaining healthy.

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