Eat Okra to remain Fit and Fine

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Bhindi in Hindi and Okra in English has been an integral part of the Indian vegetable since very long. It is called as the Lady’s Finger though it is longer than the finger of a lady and less beautiful than the same. However, it is not a finger; it is a green vegetable which is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Okra is a flowering plant belonging to the family of mallow or the Malvaceae. It is related to cotton, cocoa, and hibiscus. It is regarded as of West African, Ethiopian, and South African origin. The plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate regions of the world.

It is perennial but often grows as an annual plant in temperate climates. Plants are often two meters in height and leaves around 10 to 20 cm long and broad. Leaves are palmate with 5 to 7 lobes. Flowers of the plant are 5 to 8 cm in diameter constituting 5 yellow to white petals. Base of each petal has red or purple coloured spot. The fruit is a hairy capsule with a pentagonal cross section. Numerous spherical seeds are found inside a fruit.

Eat Okra to remain fit and fine.
Okra Plant

Bhindi has been an inseparable part of the Indian dish. It is eaten across the world.

Health Benefits of Eating Bhindi

Immunity Increasing Vegetable

Bhindi makes several dishes. It contains vitamin A and C that improve immunity. Immunity is much talked over a word during the corona period. Public has become much conscious of the term and even illiterates know the term and do anything to increase it by hooks or crooks. Thus those who even don’t like eating Bhindi are starting eating it with full enthusiasm.

Makes the heart sound

Okra is reported for a sound health of the heart. It contains a soluble fibre known as pectin. Pectin is known to reduce bad cholesterol. It helps prevent atherosclerosis. Herbalists report that it removes blood clots. Thus okra is a heart friendly vegetable which we must eat regularly.

Good for Digestion

Okra has been reported to be good for our digestive system. Regular consumption of okra helps in removing constipation. The fibre content of okra helps in digestion of food and movement of bowel.

Helps remove dandruff and parasites

Okra is reported to be a traditional remedy for removing dandruff and eliminating any parasite like lice on the scalp. For these cut okras are to be rubbed on the scalp with some drops of lemons.

Eye-sight Treatment

Okra contains Beta Carotene and Vitamin A that are helpful to our eye sight. Eating okra on daily basis can treat our eyes for night blindness and some minor ailments.

Anemia Control

Okra contains folate, iron and vitamin K. Thus regular eating of okra improves hemoglobin level in our blood. Thus it is helpful in treating anemia.

Reduction of Weight

Bhindi vegetable has low calories. Thus it is suitable for weight loss. Its high fibre level makes us feel full for longer periods. Thus it helps in reduction of the weight.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Okra contains a fibre known as Eugenol. It helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. Thus it checks the level of sugar against going up suddenly high in the blood. Thus it regulates the sugar level in the blood and helps in diabetes.


Okra is reported to have anti-cancer properties. It contains Lectin, a protein which can fight breast cancer. It is reported that eating okra regularly suppresses the growth of cancer. On the other hand folate contained in okra also helps in the treatment of cancer.

Skin Health

Okra is reported to contain anti-oxidents that not alone reduce oxidative stresses but eliminate free radicals also. Thus it helps in reversing the damage to skin and reducing the process of aging.

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