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Darwin published his book “On the Origin of Species” on 24 November 1859. The aim of Darwin Day inspires to fulfil the academic curiosities. It demands to search the truth in scientific ways.

The name of Charles Darwin comes at the top in the list of great scientists in Biology. We all have studied about the Theory of Darwin in our school classes. The Theory of Natural Selection given by Charles Darwin has become the basis of modern studies of evolution.

When Darwin first reported that animals and humans are offspring of the same ancestors, the religious Victorian Society was amazed. The theory given by him answers all the questions linked to the birth and evolution of the earth.

Charles Darwin was born in an affluent family of England. His parents wished him to become a doctor while Darwin was interested in animals, birds, and nature. In the year 1831 he got a chance of tour of the world on the ship named Beegle. This tour changed the life of Darwin.

Darwin spent five years on Beegle. During the period of his tour, he studied nature where ever his ship stopped. He came to the conclusion that all the species available on the earth were born from a single species.

The tendency of changing oneself according to the conditions of environment gives birth to biodiversity. After his world tour on Beegle Darwin synthesised his experiences in his book “On the origin of species”. This book influenced modern western society up to greater extent.

The theory of Darwin was though very simple but it passed every test. All the studies done on biodiversity for years were proved by the theory of Darwin. In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA. This too proved the theory of Darwin.

The structure of DNA bearing the genetic codes is like a spiral. It proved that the theory of origin of all the species from one species was correct. In 1962 Watson and Crick got Nobel Prize. James Watson had said that Charles Darwin have been the most important person who ever lived on the earth.

The later discoveries by different biologists like John Mendel, Fischer, Edward Wilson also proved the theory of Darwin. Wilson reported that every age had a milestone. The year 1859 was a milestone when Darwin’s book was published. Afterwards the year 1953 had also been a milestone when the structure of DNA was discovered.

Charles Darwin was suffering from angina. In March 1882 he had a heart stroke. He died on 19th April while his treatment.

The aim of celebrating Darwin’s day encourages us to follow our academic curiosities. It asks us to find out the truth through scientific ways.

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