The Death of Jordanov Bruno


Jordanov was a famous Italian philosopher, astronomer, mathematician and poet of 16th century. He was born in Shola, Italy in 1548.

The religiously blind government of his time burnt him to death due to his astronomic ideas. Thus, he sacrificed himself while fighting against religious blindness, narrowness, and staunchness.

In his memory All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) has decided to celebrate 17th February as the day of astronomy.

In fact Bruno had supported the ideas of scientist Nicolas Copernicus. That was a time when Europeans were religiously blind.

Nicolas Copernicus had said that not earth but sun was the centre of the universe. Bruno while supporting the ideas of Copernicus had said that,” sky is not just the same as it is seen to us.

It is infinite and contains indefinite worlds. About religion, Bruno was of the opinion that religion should be one regarding which followers of all religions could discuss freely.

Bruno was of the opinion that, every star has its family like our solar family. Every star remains at its centre of family like sun. He was of the opinion that our universe has numerous universes inside it.

Thus, universe is infinite. He has said, not the earth alone but sun also revolves around its axis.

Bruno was a fearless and revolutionary scientist. So he did not fear even the opposition of priests of churches. He suffered hardships from churches through out his life.

He spent about 8 years of his life in jail but he did not lose heart. Seeing his courage people of that time and priests of churches caught Bruno and burnt him alive at a cross road of roam.

Bruno accepted it while smiling. But he was stern on his principles.

Bruno was of the opinion that a day will come when the world will accept his opinions. At last the truth prevailed and his principles came true. After about 200 years the 7th planet Uranus was discovered.

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