The Dangerous habit of repeated checking of phone


It has become a common thing to take phone in hand always.

The screen time is increasing for persons of each age group. We come to know through many researches like checking the phone repeatedly increases screen time.

A report published in the British Journal of Psychology the capacity of judging incidents in life and problem-solving capacity reduces gradually.

As soon as the habit of checking phone increases our problem-solving attitude decreases.

We have come to know through researches that when people pick up phone for shifting care, they continue checking phone to eliminate boredom or time pass, their mind becomes out of control, works are left uncompleted and people forget some words time to time.

Smart phone has changed the capacity of giving and exchanging information. Many times we do not even feel that we are checking phone uselessly.

For this study I-phone checking people of Singapore were chosen. It was also surveyed that how many times do they check their phones, what is the style of checking phones.

The impact of phone checking affects people of all ages. A researcher Hartanto says that repeated phone checking casts impact on a long time. The day on which we check phones many times we leave many works.

More use of smart phones reduce our eye power. Children are more affected by this. It causes diseases like myopia and asthenopia.

According to a report published in the Journal of Medical Research 49.8 percent children of 5 to 8 will become prey to myopia.

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