Herbs Mixed Jaggery prepared to cure diseases


Jaggery is a traditional sweet of India. After the appearance of sugar in Indian markets, its use was slowed down for some decades. But now it is being used in urban areas also. It is reported that jaggery contains many medicinal properties and it is full of nutrients.

A researcher from the Banaras Hindu University’s Ayurveda Department Mr. Abhishek Gupta is reported to have prepared 41 types of Jaggery for application in different types of health conditions.

Mr. Gupta is a yoga and wellness expert in the National Facility for Tribal and Herbal Medicine Centre (NFTHMC) IN Medical Sciences Department of B.H.U. He has prepared these Jaggery types basing on Samhitas and Nighantus of Ayurveda. These Jaggery varieties are beneficial according to reasons and nature of diseases.

Unique experiments have been done with Jaggery according to properties and taste. Children too can eat this Jaggery with interest. Mint has been added to all types of Jaggeries so as to produce cooling effect.

Jaggery boosts immunity, though it has been prohibited for diabetics.

Jaggery has negligible amount of fat but naturally it has sufficient amount of carbohydrate. Dr. Gupta revealed that Jaggery prepared by him is free from chemicals. No chemical has been added for its purification. Rather, roots of wild okra have been used for its purification and whitening.

The test for the quality of Jaggery prepared by Mr. Gupta, were done in Shriram Institute of Industrial Research, Delhi. Besides, the unit for preparing different types of Jaggeries is certified by Indian Food Safety and Standardization Authority.

Jaggery is a good source of energy. Besides this, it also contains natural multivitamins and minerals. It mainly contains potassium, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium and phosphorus in appropriate quantity.

As per Mr. Gupta, as reported, Jaggery prepared by him contained haritaki, pippali, black pepper, shunthi, black and white til, amalki, bilv churna, soumph, coriander, mulethi, dalchini, Giloy, arjun powder, shankhpushpi, brahmi etc. The deficiency of iron can be removed by the application of this Jaggery. It is also useful for anaemic ladies. It can be given as a substitute of oral rehydrant in summer seasons. This has also been reported to purify blood.

  • Jaggery mixed with Ashwagandha is reported to be useful in insomnia, depression and physical debility
  • Satavar mixed jaggery is reported to be useful for pregnant ladies
  • Triphala mixed jaggery removes tridoshas
  • Trikut mixed jaggery is useful for skin
  • Methi mixed jaggery is useful for joint pain and atisar

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