Rings of Saturn

Development of science in 2022


The year 2022 has remained a year of big scientific achievements. In it, the discovery of probability of wormhole and Dart campaign of NASA in space science have been remarkable. On the other hand, the revolutionary event of heart transplant of a pig that was genetically engineered, also happened in the field of surgery.

The year 2022 has remained a very big year for science. The economic activities remained affected for the two years due to COVID. The scientific activities too remained much affected.

In 2022 efforts to bring the economy on track were seen. At the same time scientific researches too took another step. The reason for the rings of Saturn was discovered.

The telescope James Web brought out some grand images that revealed the presence of many new stars. At the same time, we came to see the first genetically engineered heart transplant.

The biggest incident in the area of space can be considered the working of James Web Space Telescope. This telescope was sent into the space in December last year and it took out the first image in July this year. It informed us about the oldest stars, the oldest galaxy etc. Its apparatuses are discovering new things wherever these are moving.

Earlier, the scientists were unable to express about the formation of beautiful rings of Saturn. The space scientists of MIT and U.C.Berklay suggested the principle that at a time Saturn had an icy moon which has been named as Chrysalis. About 16 crore years back chrysalis and other moons might had been scattered and the pieces are seen as parts of rings of Saturn.

This year, it was revealed in a new study that black hole and white hole can join together through warm hole.

It may work like a pipe of space time. It has revealed that warm hole may be in existence and we might had seen them. The research reasonably claims that there may be evidences of the presence of warm holes inside black holes.

About warm holes it has been said that these can make easy the journey of time and can travel many light years in only some seconds.

Chinese have developed an atomic fusion apparatus known as Experimental Advanced Super conducting tokamak. In this fusion apparatus temperature of 7 crore degree Celsius can be maintained up to 1056 seconds. Earlier this time used to be 101 seconds.

People used to talk this year about Artemis 1 campaign. The dart satellite campaign on 26th November this year collided on a fixed target with deformose. This campaign has been launched in view of destroying ulkas and small satellites coming towards the earth. By the success of this campaign, we may get help in protecting our earth against the collision of space bodies.

David Bennett of 57 years needed heart transplant. In the January 2022 it got permission of emergency transplant by food and drug administration. Bennett got heart transplant of a pig after it.

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