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Human Reproductive Health


A.  What is Reproductive Health?

The physical and mental conditions that collectively affect the reproductive capacity of a male or a female are called as reproductive health. The reproductive health is most essential for reproduction.

B. Factors affecting Reproductive Health

Following are the factors that adversely affect the reproductive health of a male or a female-

            (i). Extreme poverty or backwardness

            (ii) Mental depression and Physical ill health

            (iii) Social Environment and Mental pressure

            (iv) Educational Backwardness

            (v) Dirtiness and personal bad habits

            (vi) Physical Defects or malformation of reproductive organs

            (vii) Sexual Diseases

C. Sexual Diseases

Diseases of sex organs are called as sexual diseases. These are of following types –

1. Diseases due to malformation of sex organs

2. Infection

3. Diseases due to sex such as (a) Bacterial like Gonorrhea and Syphilis and (b) Viral diseases like HIV- AIDS


The expanded form of the abbreviation AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is a viral disease caused by HIV (Human Immuno-Virus). The viruses of this disease spread from a sick person to the healthy person through blood, semen, tears, saliva, milk etc. In this disease the immune system of a person stops gradually. As a result he becomes prone to various diseases. The infection of this disease takes an average period of 28 days. Many Non-Government Organizations are doing great jobs in this field.

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