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Population Control

Biology Enviroment

Through different means – natural and unnatural the process of keeping in a limit the growth of population is called as Population Control. It is essential for the welfare of human families. This is the reason why its name has been changed to the Family Welfare.

Methods of Family Planning

There are two principal ways of family planning –

            (i) Contraception

            (ii) Castration, Ovariectomy or Sterilization

(i) Contraception: Some methods to check sperms against reaching to ova are done under this process. Some of these methods are –

(a) Self Control or the Natural Contraception,

(b) Chemical methods or taking medicines certified by the World Health Organisation, and

(c) Mechanical methods like Use of condoms (for men), and IUCD (Intera Uterine Contraceptive Device for women), and copper-T.

Pills of hormones are orally taken these days. These medicines check the development of gametes by impacting on hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovary.

These days’ mechanical methods have become so advanced that expert doctors can find out the sex of the embryo developing inside the uterus.

Many people who don’t want daughters go to such doctors and after paying heavy sum of money get success in finding out the sex of the embryo.

If it happens to be a female child they manage to abort it through chemical and surgical methods. This is illegal.

It is due to this practice that ratio of female children is falling down. It is dangerous for our social structure as well. Hence, the Government of India has passed rules to stop this illegal practice.

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