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Solar Photovoltaic Cells are made of semiconductors that generate electricity on absorbing solar radiations.

 The most commonly used solar photovoltaic cells are silicon cells. Some other devices used with solar photovoltaic cells are— storage batteries, inverters, lamps, motors and pumps.

The solar Photovoltaic Technology is being applied currently in India in lighting rural houses in some states. Solar Photovoltaic Systems can be used in lighting, water pumping, telecommunications etc. These systems can function as power-plants for villages, hospitals etc.

Currently over 7, 00,000 Solar Photovoltaic (Spy) systems converting solar radiations equivalent to 57 MW have been deployed in different parts of the country. Solar Photovoltaic cells are also used in man-made satellites in generating electricity

Recently, it has been found that Photo Voltaic Cells cannot be popularly used for power generation on large scales. However, our scientists have discovered that the alignment of Carbon Nano Tube with the polymer composites substrate would give very high efficiency in Photo Voltaic Conversion.

Applications of Solar Energy

There are various uses of Solar Energy. Farmers in Traditional Farming Communities used to solarise fields by living them empty after a deep ploughing during summers. It killed insects and pests. Human skin synthesizes vitamin-D when exposed to sunlight for short durations. Mothers used to make their babies sleep in the sun after oiling their bodies during winters in order to keep them healthy and strong. In brief, solar energy has following applications-

(1) Solar energy is converted into thermal energy for the functioning of solar cookers, solar water heaters, swimming pool water heaters, dryers, air heaters, room heaters, industrial heating systems etc.

(2) Solar energy is converted into electrical energy for lighting rural houses, hospitals, lodges etc.

(3) Solar electrical energy is used in irrigation pumps, driving vehicles, lighting solar lamps, and working of televisions and computers.

(4) Solar electrical energy is also used in artificial satellites.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The above are only a few applications of solar energy. In fact, solar energy has numerous applications known to man till today and numerous other applications are yet to be searched out. Still, we have a number of wonderful devices running by solar energy. Polymer based solar cells, solar refrigerators. Eco-friendly power generators, solar air crafts, solar desalination of water, solar street lighting systems etc. are some of the wonderful applications of solar energy.

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