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The Valentine’s Day and The Valentine’s Week


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I did not know about the Valentine’s Day or the Valentine’s Week even till I was married. I don’t know either when I knew about it. But now I know many things about it. Now I know that the Valentine’s Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, or The Feast of Saint Valentine which is celebrated on February 14 every year.

The preparations for celebrating the Valentine’s Week start right from the February 1st every year or even earlier.

Special enthusiasm is seen among lovers or couples during the Valentine’s Week which starts from the February 7th. Markets too become full of celebration items for the celebration of the Valentine’s Week from the beginning of the February month. Shops of the markets become full of gifts for the Valentines.

A business of crores is related to the Valentine’s Week. It includes chocolates as starter and goes on up to any length so far as gifts are concerned. The Valentine’s Day is the golden occasion of speaking one’s own wishes to his or her lovers. Each day of the Valentine’s Week is special for love-birds. Starting from the Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and the Propose Day are the steps of dissolving honey between the relations.

Many business companies launch many different types of gift items for the Valentine’s Week. This year the gift of message sealed inside bottle is liked by numerous youngsters. You may write a message and seal inside a bottle and gift it to your Valentine.

According to an online survey, 50 percent of the people purchase some gift for the Valentine’s Day earlier to the start of the week. 40 percent of people accept that some gift must be given on the Valentine’s Day.47 percent of the people wish to celebrate the Valentine’s Week with their valentines. 10 percent of the people wish to celebrate the Valentine’s Week with their friends. 30 percent of the people start their preparations much early to the start of the week. 20 percent of the people start their preparations before one month of the start of the Valentine’s Week.

The Valentines present rose flowers to each other on the Valentine’s Day. In view of this, the flower sellers and suppliers have done special preparations this year. The suppliers say that better bookings of rose flowers have been done this year. It is expected that the demand of rose flowers will remain high throughout the Week this year.

The maximum bookings have been done for the Rose Day. Flower suppliers and the flower sellers have done full preparations for the Rose Day.

This year the markets are flooded with beautiful Greeting Cards. These bear good messages for the couples. Recently, the people have started celebrating the Valentine’s Day with their fathers, mothers, sisters and friends as well. But this is rather a bit deviation from the real theme of the Saint Valentine’s Day. Though, it is a good trend in Indian societies. The markets have many things for such people also.

The schedule of the Valentine’s Week goes like this- the 7th February is the Rose Day, the 8th February is the Propose Day, the 9th February is the Chocolate Day, the 10th February is the Teddy Day, the 11th February is the Promise Day, 12 February is the Hug Day, the 13th February is the Kiss Day, and the 14th February is the Valentine’s Day.

Some sections of the societies in India oppose the celebration of the Valentine’s Day or the Valentine’s Week and stand against it. But, if in the broad sense, this is meant for the parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and married couples etc. also it is fair to celebrate it in full spirit.

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