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Animal Shelters


An area or structure that protects animals from adverse conditions is called an animal shelter. Different kinds of animals need different types of shelters. Different kinds of animals and their shelters are mentioned here.

  • Kinds of animals and their shelters

Animals can be classified into terrestrial, arboreal, aquatic and amphibians.

  • Terrestrial Animals

Land animals are called as terrestrial animals. Some of these animals like lion, tiger, bears and bats live in rock caves.

Snakes live in ground, under rocks and in abandoned ant hills. Some snakes live inside ground in holes made by rats.

Some animals live in open spaces. These animals are deer, giraffes, elephants and monkeys. Illustration

  • Arboreal Animals

Animals that live in air or on trees are called as arboreal animals. Squirrels, monkeys, and chimpanzees live on trees and on ground. Squirrels may live on other places also. They live in abandoned houses and on trees making temporary nests of wool, cotton, and soft grass.

  • Aquatic Animals

Vast varieties of animals live in waters of ponds, lakes, seas and oceans. These animals get their food and oxygen from water.

Different kinds of fishes, sea anemones, star fishes, crabs, Jelly fish, whales etc. live in water. A whale is a mammal that lives in water.

Eels live in holes in coral reefs. Star fish and crabs live among rocks.

Mussels and crabs are sea side animals.

There are some semi aquatic animals like seals, walruses and sea lions. These animals live in cold sea water of polar regions. These animals come on land to breed or relax. They go back in water for food.

  • Amphibians

Animals that live in water and on land both are called as amphibians. Frogs, toads, etc. live in water and on land. These are called as amphibians. Toads can live on trees.

Crocodiles and alligators also live on land and in water. Tortoises too can live in and on water. These are aquatic reptiles.

  • Home building animals

Some animals live in natural structures, while some animals make their homes. Birds build nests during their breeding seasons. They use different types of materials like twigs, cotton, wool, grasses, and cloth pieces to make their nests. They build homes on trees, in old buildings, holes and walls.

Tailor bird makes nest by stitching two margins of leaves.

 A weaver bird makes hanging nests.

Parrots, owls, and horn bills make nest in hollow spaces.

A partridge builds shallow nests in paddy fields and grassland.

A wood pecker makes hole in the tree trunk.

A king fisher digs out tunnels on river bank and makes its nest in it.

Rabbits and mongoose dig burrows in the ground.

Rats make underground tunnels to live in and to store their food.

Spiders spin their webs to catch flying insects.

Honey bees, termites and ants live in large groups called colonies. These insects are called as social insects. Ants and termites build ant hills. Bees build hives with wax.

  • Nocturnal Animals

Owls, bats, moths, and earth worms come out of their shelters mostly at nights. These are called as nocturnal animals. Most of  these animals can see in dark. Most of the desert animals come out at nights because it is cool at nights.

  • Shelters made by man

Many animals like hens, horses, cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats are kept at forms. Farms are man-made shelters. These animals are provided food and fodder and are taken care of by man. In turn men get milk, eggs etc. Stables are made for horses; sheds are made for cows and buffaloes and coops are made for hens and ducks.

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