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Drink More Water in summer


Water is the principal constituent of our body. Water is chemically an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odourless, and colourless. It is the main constituent of the hydrosphere of the earth.

Water has to play most important role in the economy of the world. Agriculture sector uses about 70 percent of our water. Water supports transport of world commodities. Water is widely used in industrial process. Lots of water is overused and misused in many processes. But water for drinking is very scarce across the globe.

Ladies carry pitchers full of water from far of places.
Water Crisis

Ongoing climate change, droughts and floods, increased water consumption, overuse and wastage, global rise in fresh water demand, over use of aquifers and its slow recharge are major causes of water crisis across the globe.

The water crisis in India is often caused due to lack of proper government planning, increased corporate privatization, wastage on industrial front, and wastage by human beings. Since the overall population is increasing on explosion level more water crisis is expected in future.

In many areas water scarcity is localised. People have to bring water from far of places. Principal water collectors are ladies. This tragedy often falls in every summer. However, here we are concerned with the use of water for drinking and its importance in summer months.

So far the requirement of water for our bodies is concerned, water is essential for every organ and organ system for its proper functioning. When the level of water in our bodies goes down beyond the normal level, its impact is seen both internally and externally.

The scarcity of water in our bodies is called as dehydration. The problem of dehydration is greater in summers than in other seasons of the year because increase in temperature affects the level of water in our bodies.

Dehydration is most common problem in summers in summers increase in atmospheric temperature affects our body temperature. In order to maintain the body temperature more perspiration takes place from our bodies. Excess perspiration causes dehydration.

We should take in two to three litres of water daily in order to establish water balance in our bodies. Besides drinking water we should take other watery substances like coconut milk, milk, Chhach, lassi etc. to maintain the water level in our bodies.

Drink Coconut milk during Summers

Dehydration may cause bad smell from our mouth. When body faces water scarcity, it leads to less salivation which encourages growth of bacteria. This causes bad smell in mouth.

Water scarcity in body makes our skin dry and senseless. If we wish to keep our skin healthy and shining we should drink sufficient water

Water scarcity in body causes loss in mental concentration and mental activity.The capacity of concentrating mind becomes weak if our body has less water. The scarcity of water leads to head ache and irritability.

When the water level of the body id reduced, the blood pressure is also reduced and the heart beat increases. It leads to slow flow of blood towards the brain. All these conditions lead to tiredness   and most often one feels mind “eating circles”.

Symptoms of Dehydration

-Dryness of mouth

-Cracking of lips

-Feeling tired

-Less urination


Compensate the loss of water during summer

  • If you are fond of taking tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks increase the intake of water.
  • Keep always a water bottle with you when ever you go out or to your office or the work place and drink water from time to time.
  • If you don’t like drinking plane water always take some substitutes like coconut milk, sattoo, lemon water, soup etc.
  • Use fruit salad, curd, lassi, or milk shakes.
  • Don’t go out in hot sun because it causes increase in body temperature more than normal.
  • Drink more than three litres of water to maintain the water level in the body.

Drink More Water in summer, water crisis, sattoo, coconut milk

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