Grow Banyan and Tamarind for a better environment


The company of humans with trees is as old as humanity itself. With the passing of time man identified trees useful to them and propagated them. These trees are friends of human beings. Such two trees are Banyan and Tamarind. Both have their own merits. Let us know about these two in brief.


All the parts of a banyan tree like roots, stems, leaves, fruits and barks are medicinally important. The anti-oxidants found in different parts of this tree and anti-microbial property of extract of different parts of the tree make it very important. Leaves of banyan tree are used in many diseases.

  • Leaves of banyan contain Hexene, Butanol, chloroform and water. All these jointly enhance the power of resistance.
  • Root extract of the tree have hypoglycemic effects. Thus, it is helpful in reducing diabetes. The intake of root extract of this tree is also helpful in reducing depression.
  • The milk found in the tree contains resins, albumin, serin, sugar and mallic acid. These are beneficial in diarrhoea and piles.
  • The extract of leaves of banyan can remove urinary problems.
  • The aqueous extract of banyan controls cholesterol. The antimicrobial property of the extract of banyan is good for skin.
  • The anti-microbial property of the extract of banyan can be helpful in controlling bacterial infections.


The fruit of tamarind is both sweat and sour. When its fruit is raw it is sour. When it is ripe it becomes sweet. The tree of tamarind grows up to 30 meters.

  • The seeds of tamarind have trypsin inhibitor properties. It can control heart problems, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and obesity.
  • The extract of tamarind leaves activates digestive juices. Thus, application of tamarind is useful in improving digestion.
  • Tamarind has sufficient calcium. Thus, it is helpful for bones.
  • Tamarind juice has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces mental stress.
  • Chemicals found in tamarind are useful in jaundice and liver problems.
  • Tamarind has anti-malarial and laxative properties.
  • Tamarind is helpful in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Tamarind has mallic, tartaric, and potassium acids. This condition is useful for stomach.
  • Tamarind removes dead cells from skin and makes it fair.

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