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National Reptiles’ Awareness Day 2021


October 21st is observed as National Reptiles’ Awareness Day in India.

It has been established not alone for reptile lovers but for encouraging awareness about reptiles, increasing education about them, and encouraging their conservation and appreciation.

This is the day to know about natural habitats of reptiles, and also about the ecological dangers they are facing every now and then.

A reptile is amniote which is neither a mammal nor a bird. It is a cold blooded animal. It has scoots and it can lay eggs on earth. Scoots are thick plates that form skin layers of tortoises and crocodiles like reptiles.

There are more than 10,000 species of reptiles. This day helps us understand vast types of their species and their habitats. This day also provides us knowledge about benefits that we get from the world of reptiles.

How to celebrate Reptile Awareness Day?

Well, we can spare some time to research on reptiles and to go to some zoo to see them. Invite someone to join you. When everyone comes to learn something it brings good results.

Before going out on a programme to visit reptiles make a list of different species well in advance. Then cut off the names as you happen to see different species of reptiles.

Read about different species and examples of reptiles found in the world. Observe that some one of these species is found around you. Increase your knowledge about reptiles by reading about them online. We can also use #Reptile Awareness Day about our journey to the zoo on social media.

History of Reptiles Awareness Day

This day was started to be celebrated by groups of likeminded people who have interest in reptiles. They started naming their friends with some or the other reptile to reflect their images. It gradually became a popular incident for lovers of these cold blooded animals. The grand bearded dragon, geckos, tortoises are very popular animals of the reptile world.

Zoos too started to raise awareness about their crocodiles and their shows. Different sources started spreading awareness about rare leatherback sea tortoises. This day continued to be used to spread awareness about bad conditions on the existence of the leatherback tortoises. This day is a grand day to educate people about the extinction of some reptile species.

How to celebrate the Reptiles Awareness Day

Donate to a Reptile Conservation Organisation

There are many organisations that want to continue educating the public about reptiles. We may advocate keeping reptiles as domestic animals. We may donate money to our trusted organisations for the welfare of reptiles and for generating awareness about their conservation

Visit a National Park

In whatever region of the country we may live, reptiles play important roles in the ecosystems of that region. By going to the National Park of our area we may give importance to it which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of animals. The word animals include reptiles. If we visit a National Park or a zoo we donate some money in the form of the value for our tickets. This money is spent on the maintenance of the National Park or the zoo which is developed for the protection and preservation of animals and off course the reptiles.

Identify a reptile

We may try some Apps developed to identify animals. We may help develop the data about habitats, and population density of reptiles through our studies and researches. So, we should try to locate, photograph, identify and write details about a particular reptile we happen to spot.

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