Gumbaj of the Supreme Court

Festivals should not be organized at the cost of others’ lives- SC


Different news agencies report the Supreme Court’s comment that no one can celebrate functions at the cost of lives of others.

The Supreme Court was hearing the case that pollution causing crackers that produce high pitched sounds were being used in the names of green crackers. The Supreme Court revealed that it was not against functions, but functions should not be celebrated in a manner to cause trouble to others.

Celebrations do not mean to produce high pitched sounds by burning crackers that produce high pitched sounds. Crackers of silent and non-polluting nature should only be used during celebrations.

The Supreme Court said that every state should ensure that orders are obeyed in full spirit. It referred that chains of crackers are being burnt in different states in spite of the orders to stop this practice. The bench of judges was hearing the case regarding putting a ban on the use of crackers.

The bench said that in spite of ban on the use of chains of crackers; these are used in functions in every state. These chains of crackers are openly available in markets in all the states. If the use of chains of crackers is banned by the court, from where do these come into the markets?

It should be noted that CBI has filed a preliminary report to the Supreme Court on its order after checking the use of Barium and the like chemicals in crackers.

The report reveals the use of Barium in crackers and is large scale purchase by the industries.

During the earlier hearing the Supreme Court had made available he copies of the report to parties. The Supreme Court had asked for affidavit to six companies not obeying the order. Advocates reported that the company as Shivkashi is taking up all the precautions. About 5 lakh families are dependent for their livelihood on this company. The Supreme Court commented that the answers filed by cracker companies were astonishing.

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