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Habitat Destruction

Enviromental Education For JTET/CTET

Nearly half of the planet’s plant and animal species live in Rainforests. Less than 2.5 billion acres of Tropical Forest have remained out of four billion acres on the Earth within a few hundred years. That is an extensive loss of not only the Habitat but it’s dwellers as well. Most of the deforestation has occurred in the last few decades due to rapid industrialization alone. If the present rate of destruction continues, today‚Äôs forests will be gone by the year 2081.

It’s not just the Forests; Wetlands are increasingly under threat all over the World. They often disappear in bits and pieces as developers fill in small ponds or parts of swamps.  The cumulative effect, however, can be devastating for wildlife and people. Wetlands not only support wildlife but also filter the drinking supply humans rely on.

Mountains are being blown up to extract Minerals and other material. Oceans are becoming dumping grounds of toxic waste materials and if not, the dumping there is always a likelihood of an Oil Spill caused by ships. Lakes and Rivers face pollution from polythene and overfishing. Islands are shrinking and disappearing due to global warming.

Some Habitats cannot be recovered as they lack the factors and original components which were essential for the survival and growth of that environment. The growing needs of human population are itself becoming a death knot for the human population which doesn’t realize that the damage caused will be destructive and more importantly irreversible.

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