Plants that survive under hardships

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Don’t you wonder to see happy green plants that grow on old neglected walls during rainy season? My heart leaps up when I happen to pass through such scenes.

Certainly, the side of an old wall is not a proper place for these plants to grow. But if they have been placed by nature to grow under hardships, they grow without any complain. They get nutrients from the poor and nutrient deficient walls, moisture from air, and water from rains. Still they adapt the conditions and remain happy.

One thing about which these plants always remain in hurry is to reproduce and maintain their genera. Till it rains they complete their life cycle and pass away with the passing monsoon. But if the supply of moisture continues, they remain there and try to occupy more area.

Some plants grow along the leaking pipes and surround the pipes in such ways that you cannot see it. You just wonder how these plants grow there in such dry conditions. These plants learn to live in conditions they have been planted by the Mother Nature. Never complain.

Wall flora in rainy season

As you observe you identify most of these plants belonging to grass family. Yes, some of these may belong to Commelinaceae and Cyperaceae also. But all these grow along north facing walls in rainy season. Some plants appear on moist shady walls during winters. These usually belong to families Acanthaceae, Boraginaceae and Portulacaceae.

Many ferns grow along north or west facing walls every year. Their spores might have been there in crevices during the dry season. Unless there is a supply of water from leaking pipe they complete their life cycle within the rainy season and pack up with the passing rains. They pass away and leave for us a lesson to remain happy and survive in hard conditions.

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