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Air Pollution may cause depression in human being

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From different sources it has been confirmed that air pollution has increased in Indian cities after Deepawali festival. Delhi and many other cities of India are experiencing very heavy pollution. Particulate matter in these cities have increased up to such an extent that many persons have started suffering from breathing related problems. Researches conducted recently have revealed that increasing air pollution can increase the cases of depression as well.

It has been researched, as per reports air pollution, Neuro Imaging, brain gene expression, and other scientific methods have been involved to form an International Genetic Museum of the people of more than 40 countries. Through these researches it has been confirmed that increasing air pollution is causing depression like symptoms in persons.

According to Labor Institute of Brain Development, China air pollution is affecting emotional and cognitive capacities of mind. These conditions lead to depression among people. The team of researchers is of the opinion that the air pollution can change the expression of gene linked to pollution.

The team is of the opinion that people in high air pollution zone are at high risk of depression. Those who have pollution linked genes are under high risk of depression. Some people who remain prone to depression are affected most by air pollution if they live in high air pollution zones.

Scientists are of the opinion that those who live in high air pollution zones are experiencing changes in their behaviours. They inform that every person living in serious air pollution zone show changes in their behaviour. These changes appear due to conditions of depression. Those who are genetically prone to depression are among those who are suffering from serious depression.

According to scientists of LIBD- China, there is a direct neurological link between air pollution and depression. They explain how air pollution affects emotional and cognitive powers of human brain.

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