Power supply in Jharkhand

Conditions of Power Supply in Jharkhand

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Everyone has stated experiencing heat with the start of changes in season. Everyone has started feeling need of fans, air conditioners, coolers and refrigerators. Walking of people outside houses has become still due to partial lockdown of corona phase 2 lockdown. Under these conditions people need electricity supply for rest and recreation.

Every time the Governments claim to curb the problem of electric cuts. The reality is somewhat just reverse. People are crying against electric cuts in many districts of South Chhotanagpur Division of Jharkhand state of India. Some of these districts are Ranchi, Lohardaga, Simdega, Gumla, Khunti and Jamtara. Problems of electricity and water are persisting with corona, though corona is greater than these. Corona is pandemic while problems of electricity and water may be endemic. Sometimes the Electricity Department blames it to faults, storms, rains etc. In fact, in spite of paying bills consumers do not get the required voltage.

New reasons and new pretensions are given for the power cuts every time. The season is changing continuously. Every time in every season electric supply has similar stories. In summers, it is said that the overloading has been the reason behind disruption in supply. In storms and rains, it is said that electric wire may have been broken. The electricity department claims that local faults and storms are the principal reasons behind the power cuts. The local faults cause damage to fuge of transformers. The electricians take shot down to correct the electric supply. It takes up to two hours. The electricity department is increasing powers of transformers. Officers of the electricity department say that transformers with fuse problems are being replaced with 200 kW capacity transformers. The storms and rain problems can be removed only by placing underground cables.

The Electricity Department is making wires with 33 kW loads to underground status. The work has been completed in many areas. The underground cabling is going on in many areas. The Ranchi Electricity Distribution Circle is getting 280 mega watts these days. Officers say that Ranchi is getting 280 megawatt electricity these days. The average consumption of electricity in Ranchi is 250 megawatt.

The burnt out transformers are being replaced within 6 hours in Ranchi. In Rural areas these are being replaced within 6 hours in Ranchi. In rural areas these are being replaced within 48 hours. So far only one workshop repairs transformers. A new workshop is going to be built in Itaki. For this, land has been identified. The construction of building is going to be started soon. The repair of transformers will start here from the next year.

Another district, Gumla has an average consumption of 22 megawatt power is being supplied. On an average of 10 megawatt energy is being supplied during bad days. The city area gets electric supply on priority basis. The district has only one power grid. So, electric power is often disrupted by technical reasons. The Department of Electricity is working to ensure supply during storms and rains.

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