Roots of gajar

Eat Carrot to correct Night Vision


The carrot which is taxonomically known as Daucus Curota sub species sativus is an important plant. It is typically orange or blood red in colour. However, it is found in many colours like white, red, yellow etc. All of these are domesticated forms of the wild carrot.

Carrot is native to Europe and Southwestern Asia. It has also been reported that this plant originated in Persia. It was grown for leaves and seeds. Currently the most eaten part of the plant is its tap root. The carrot has been selectively bred for its enlarged sweet and soft root.

This is a biennial plant belonging to family Apiacea. Some fast-growing cultivars mature within three months of sowing.

Some of the major nutrients that carrot contains are alpha- beta carotene, vitamin A, K, and B6. These are mainly consumed raw or cooked in various cuisines. A sweet known as Gajar ka Halwa is also prepared using carrot, khoya and Sugar.

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