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The new variant of corona is more dangerous- reports WHO

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The whole world is worried due to the new variant of corona Omicron. The era of lockdowns has again started because Omicron is seen as more deadly variant. WHO has declared that it disseminates faster and is more dangerous. Everyone has been warned to strengthen securities.

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WHO has reported that evidences suggest those who have already been infected have more dangers of infection. According to WHO it has not been confirmed so far whether Omicron is more transmissible than earlier variants. Currently RT-PCR Tests can reveal about it.

Will vaccine Protect or not?

The WHO is working on the impacts of so far available vaccines on the new variant with technical associations. According to WHO it is not so far confirmed that Omicron becomes the reason of more serious diseases. So far it is also not sure that symptoms of Omicron infection are more different than other variants of corona.

It may take time to understand Omicron

WHO has reported that the number of patients going for hospitalization in South Africa has increased but for sure it cannot be said it is due to omicron. It may be due to total infected patients. It may take a time of many days to a week to understand properly about omicron.

How much dangerous is the New Variant?

WHO has accepted that the new variant omicron may be more dangerous. It is a matter of worry that it is fast disseminating variant. It may infect even those who have been vaccinated even twice.

A person who was given a booster dose after being vaccinated twice was infected by this new variant. Scientists are worried that this variant is spreading faster than other variants. Doctors are of the opinion that booster dose increases the immunity of person rather more. Countries of the world have become alert in terms of transport from one country to the other.

The Government of India has started thinking seriously about international transport. It has prepared a list of countries that may be more prone to spread infection. New directives have been issued about RT-PCR.

According to confirmed reports Britain, South Africa, Brazil, Bangla Desh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hongkong, and Israel are the countries that have been included in the list of affected countries.

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