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“Pension Aapke Dwar” or the “Pension at your doorstep” is a novel scheme of providing Pension to retiring School Teachers on the Date of their retirement in Jharkhand.

The age of retirement of school teachers in Jharkhand is sixty years. It is sixty two in some neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh. In University it is sixty five. Earlier, when Jharkhand was not a separate state and it was in Bihar, the process of Pension was very complicated. Often a teacher had to wait up to four five years to get his pension started.

In the State of Jharkhand, the Education Department has started a scheme entitled “Pension Aapke Dwar” or the Pension at Your Doorstep under which pension papers are made ready before the retirement of a teacher and it is on the last date of the month of his/her retirement that he is honored in a function organized by the Pension Committee of the District which is headed by the District Education Officer and Co-ordinated by the secretary of the teachers’ union. It is in the same function that the teacher is honored and given his pension papers duely signed by the concerned authorities.

Recently, such a function was organized on the 1st March, 2021 in Marwari +2 High School of Ranchi in which retirement benefits were given to Mr. Braj Kishor Prasad, the Principal of the same school, and many other teachers who retired in the February month of 2021. The school organized a function and students of the school organized a number of cultural programmes in the honor of officers and teachers.

In Ranchi, the State Capital of Jharkhand State of India, the scheme Pension Aapke Dwar was first initiated by Mr. Arvind Bijay Bilung, then the District Education Officer. This year Mr. Bilung is the Regional Deputy Director of South Chhota Nagpur Division of Jharkhand, at Ranchi. As the post of DEO is vacant, the programme was headed by Mr. Bilung himself.

The RDDE Mr. Bilung had come with his office Team of clerks who distributed ready Pension Papers in envelops and the Officer himself garlanded each teacher and offered Shawls to them. This is the traditional way of honoring an academic person. Here in the image we can see how it happened.

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